Ravens ST coordinator Chris Horton discusses big Week 17 kick return by RB Justice Hill

While they have been dealing with an injury to MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens have relied on other aspects of their game to try and help set the table for wins in recent weeks. While they didn’t pull out a victory in Week 17 against the Pittsburg Steelers, they had multiple

Among their biggest plays against the Steelers in their last matchup was a 56-yard kickoff return by running back Justice Hill that almost scored points. Special teams coordinator Chris Horton was noticeably excited about the play on the sideline when it happened, and told reporters about what he was feeling as the play unfolded.

“I talk about it all the time,” Horton explained. “When you get plays like that, it’s not often that you get a lot of returns. So, when you do get a return out to the plus-40 [-yard line], it’s obviously a combination of a lot of things, a lot of guys doing a lot of things right. We work too hard to really not have those plays happen weekly, but we also understand the type of opponents that we’re playing. So, I’m always excited; anytime our guys make a play, you’ll see me running up and down the sideline. It’s just football; it’s just a part of who I am, and it’s a part of me being really excited for knowing how hard those guys are out there working.”

Baltimore will continue to rely on Horton’s special teams unit to give the Ravens an edge against stiff competition in Week 18 when they face the Cincinnati Bengals. Special teams has been the calling card of of the team for years, and plays like Hill’s return demonstrate why.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire