Are the Ravens set to unveil a new alternate helmet, logo?

The NFL, and pro sports in general, is all about adding alternate additional uniforms these days. After all, more uniforms means more merchandise to sell.

Alternate helmets are all the rage in the National Football League these days, and if the Baltimore Ravens are introducing one, it may look like what you see below.

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch just posted this less than an hour ago:

Until we see an official confirmation from the team or someone very close to it, we won’t know if this is legitimate, but Uni Watch has a solid track record of being right. They are typically correct and ahead of the curve on these kinds of things, and this graphic looks like the design type that would fit the club’s brand.

Although this is no angry bird, it may look too happy! This design is not menacing and certainly doesn’t intimidate anybody. The Ravens bird is supposed to have an aggressive expression, but who knows, maybe the club wants to switch it up and go in a new direction.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire