Ravens to retool their 53-man roster with valuable NFL draft picks

The Baltimore Ravens will need to retool their roster after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. There are plenty of ways to bring in new talent, but one method the team will have to rely on is hitting on draft picks.

“Fundamentally, we are always going to be focused on the Draft. I mean, look at our history. Now, in the last couple of years, we have traded draft picks for players, in some cases, but generally, we’re going to be a draft-centric team, and as we’ve said, the landscape has changed a little bit, because we’re paying a quarterback – who deserves it – a lot of money, and that’s going to have a salary cap ramification for sure. We’ll start to feel that. We started to feel that last year. We’ll feel that this year, as do a lot of teams, so draft picks are very important to us and will continue to be very important. However, of course, if we have the chance to acquire an All-Pro-type guy, we’re going to look at that very closely. So, there’s really not one set formula, of course, but generally, we like to have a lot of draft picks, and I would expect us to have a lot of draft picks this year.”

Baltimore currently holds the 30th pick in the 2024 NFL draft, and with little salary cap space to speak of, it will be ever-so-important for the team to find early, mid-, and late-round gems to help win games on cost-controlled contracts. General manager Eric DeCosta spoke to hitting on drafting well, especially after paying quarterback Lamar Jackson one of the richest contracts in NFL history.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire