Ravens RB Derrick Henry finds what he was looking for in partnership with Baltimore

The Baltimore Ravens have long been known as one of the NFL’s most well-run and well-respected franchises. This has secured them plenty of opportunities to bring in veteran players looking for stability and a winning culture.

A few weeks ago, Baltimore added another veteran player to their roster, running back Derrick Henry. The Pro Bowler found what he was looking for after leaving his long-time home in Tennessee with the Titans, stating he’s “blessed and thankful” to land with the Ravens.

“Definitely, [I] wanted to be somewhere that had a solid foundation, and this foundation has been set for a very long time, and they compete every year and [are] always in the conversation. I wanted to be somewhere where I’m surrounded by great talent, have a great quarterback and great players around him as well. So, [I’m] just excited for this opportunity, and I’m blessed and thankful to be able to land here.”

Henry mentioning Baltimore’s solid foundation is one of the many reasons why the organization is so well respected. He hasn’t been able to secure a Super Bowl championship throughout his career, but the Ravens’ consistency both on and off the field gave Henry the confidence to make the move to Baltimore.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire