Ravens QB Lamar Jackson shares pre-draft input he gave head coach John Harbaugh

The Baltimore Ravens added plenty of new playmakers to their roster in the 2024 NFL draft. They took a needs-based approach while also drafting some of the best players remaining on the board, splitting their picks fairly evenly between offense and defense.

While the general manager and scouting department usually have the final say in who is drafted, plenty within an organization can provide input through the pre-draft process. Quarterback Lamar Jackson shared what he told head coach John Harbaugh about the 2024 draft class, saying he was asked who he would recommend.

“He was just asking me guys who I would recommend and stuff like that. I would send them over, but if [other NFL teams] steal them, [you] can’t do anything about it. If guys pick them first, you can’t do anything about that. I believe that’s good. It’s good to have your head coach and your QB talking ball in the offseason and stuff like that.”

Jackson has had input on who the Ravens have drafted in years past, so it’s not surprising that he once again shared his opinions on certain draft prospects with the team. He acknowledged that nothing can be done if a player is picked before a team is on the clock, but nonetheless, he seems appreciative that he is able to voice his opinion on the matter.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire