Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, Saints DL Cameron Jordan trade tweets recruiting the other

The Baltimore Ravens didn’t make any moves during the first day of free agency, which came as a surprise to some. However, they have been known to take a similar approach in previous years over the first few days or even weeks of free agency.

While teams were hard at work trying to improve their rosters, Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson and New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan exchanged tweets recruiting the other to their current team. It all started when someone told Jordan to request a trade to the Ravens. Jackson responded with three of the same emoji, showing that he agreed with the statement.

In response, Jordan brought up Jackson’s currently unresolved contract status, saying that he’d meet Jackson “in the 504”.

The tweets appear as jokes with one another, and Baltimore linebacker Patrick Queen shared that he hopes that’s the case.

Both Jackson and Jordan are extremely important to their current teams. Jordan has played under multiple contracts already, while Jackson will at some point be playing under his second. When that will happen remains to be seen, but for now Jackson will play under the fifth-year option.