Ravens QB coach James Urban discusses mentality of QB Lamar Jackson when ignoring outside noise

Baltimore Ravens quarterback coach James Urban has been paired with quarterback Lamar Jackson for a few seasons now. They’ve created a special bond, one that has played a big part in Jackson’s development over the course of his entire NFL career.

Sometimes a player can read and hear things from the media that might cause some distractions. Urban was asked about how great Jackson is about ignoring the distractions when he’s on the practice field and in the facility, and the coach talked about how the quarterback is a master of not worrying about any outside noise.

“No, we’ve always had this mentality when we come to this building, when you walk through the doors of ‘The Castle’ here in this beautiful facility, we go to work. So, when we walk out onto the field, it’s time to work. We don’t worry about the outside distractions. He is a master of that. He is tremendously good at focusing on the task at hand. So, when we’re in meetings, that’s the task. Or when we’re on the field, that’s the task”

One of the best things about Jackson is his ability to ignore everything that’s not important to the team. He’s extremely focused on winning and bringing a championship to the Ravens organization, and won’t let anything outside of the organization distract him or impact him in any negative way.