Ravens OC Todd Monken knows offense can be more consistent

The Baltimore Ravens are currently on their bye week, and have put themselves in good position over the course of the year to relax and regroup. While it’s still anyone’s race at the top of the AFC, that’s where Baltimore currently stands, with a 9-3 record.

One of the questions that faces the team as they get ready for a gauntlet of big games is their consistency on the offensive side of the ball. Offensive coordinator Todd Monken discussed the topic during his media availability, saying that the goal is to execute at a high level, and says he likes a lot of what the unit is doing so far.

“[It’s a] great question. That’s the nature of this league; it’s very difficult to sustain. That is your goal, obviously, to play at an elite level every week [and] execute at a high level in all the critical areas. Obviously, we’ve got to coach it better, scheme it better, execute better – that’s really what it is – and keep continuing to build what we want to be [and] what we want it to look like, so [that] everybody is on the same page. And it’s just part of it. At times, I like a lot of things that we’re doing, and there are times [when] we just need to be better at it; we need to call it better, and we need to execute better. That’s really what it is. There is no magic to it. We have good enough players, [and] we have good enough coaches. Now, we’ve just got to consistently do it. And we’ve been pretty good. Really, since about … Since Pittsburgh, other than Tennessee in the red zone, we’ve been pretty good. We certainly can be better, but we’ve gotten better in the red zone. We’ve got to get better on third downs, [and] we’ve got to continue to stress the ‘D’ [defense] and be explosive in the pass game. But for sure, we can certainly be a lot better.”

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire