Ravens OC Todd Monken compliments free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr.

The Baltimore Ravens will be looking over their wide receiver room during the 2023 offseason to see if they can give the unit new life following years of subpar play. The team has plenty of work to do, and Baltimore could choose to add multiple young pieces as well as veterans to the room.

When answering questions during his introductory press conference, Ravens offensive coordinator Todd Monken was asked about free agent wideout Odell Beckham Jr., who he coached in Cleveland during the 2019 season. Monken had nothing but praise for Beckham, talking about his skillset and attitude.

“I don’t even know the rules. Can I speak on it?” _(Reporter: “Well, he [Odell Beckham Jr.] is a free agent.”) “Oh, so then I can speak on it. You can’t speak on a guy that’s under contract, right? OK, I really like Odell [Beckham Jr.]. Odell is super athletic, twitchy. [He] really likes football. I really did [like him]. It didn’t work out the year I was there [with him in Cleveland], but ultimately … He’s like every skill player; he’s no different – I don’t know why everybody gets pissed off – like, he wants the ball. Well, really? I don’t know where I’ve been where a great player didn’t want the ball. I don’t know where a basketball player didn’t want shots or a baseball player didn’t want to get at-bats. That’s what they want; they want opportunities to showcase their ability. I think it’s awesome. I think he’s tremendously skilled, and I like his personality. He likes to compete. He has a tough deal, though, because he’s a … In my opinion – and he may think differently – it’s tough being a face. Does that make sense? Like NBA [players] deal with it all the time, but there are very few NFL players, outside of the quarterback, that they really know their face; that they’re a market. And he’s that way, and I think that makes it hard at times. When you’re under the microscope like he is, it really is hard. But I liked Odell a lot. I liked his skillset, liked his work ethic. He fought through an injury. Tremendous.”

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire