Ravens’ Mark Andrews speaks on Logan Wilson hit that injured him

Last November, Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson found himself in the middle of a national controversy due to a hit that injured Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews.

Wilson used the controversial “hip-drop tackle” to bring down Andrews, who is only just now getting back from rehab to help the Ravens during the playoffs.

Asked about Wilson and the situation that led to the injury, Andrews made it clear he doesn’t blame Wilson.

“It kind of was just an unfortunate event,” Andrews said, according to Clifton Brown & Ryan Mink of the Ravens’ official website. “I’m just going to let everybody else do their thing. If they want to ban the tackle, fine. I’m going to go hard no matter what. I don’t blame the guy. He was just playing hard.”

As Andrews hints, the league figures to look at that form of tackle this offseason, potentially banning it.

No matter what the NFL ends up doing with the highly debated tackle, Andrews isn’t blaming Wilson for doing something that is only just now becoming a problem for the league.

Even in the immediate aftermath of the Andrews injury, other Ravens players rushed to Wilson’s defense, too.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire