Ravens LB Roquan Smith talks about the respect he has for Ray Lewis

The Baltimore Ravens have had many great players walk through their doors over the course of their franchise history, but perhaps none greater than inside linebacker Ray Lewis. The Hall Of Famer set the standard for what it means to play Ravens football, and is considered one of the best players in NFL history.

“[I have the] utmost respect for Ray [Lewis] and everything he’s done for this organization and for the linebacker [position] in general in this game. I think [he’s] the greatest to ever do it and just being able to pick his mind [and] mindset … I just remember, even as a kid, well before I knew I was going to ever play for the Ravens, being able to just watch his hype videos, watch his speeches and things like that, and it always inspired me, since [I was] a little one. To be able to just have those personal conversations, it takes me back, in a sense. But we all have a job, and all the knowledge he’s given me, [I] definitely try to share it amongst the guys.”

Baltimore acquired inside linebacker Roquan Smith last season, and the veteran was asked about Lewis and his impact. Smith said he has the “utmost respect” for the two-time Super Bowl champion, and relishes in the fact that he’s been able to pick his brain.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire