Ravens HC John Harbaugh provides devastating injury update on mascot Poe

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Washington Commanders on Saturday night, extending their preseason winning streak to 23 games. The team saw players leave the game with injuries, which is not uncommon during preseason. However, one of the injuries that occurred wasn’t to a player, but to the team’s mascot, Poe.

During halftime, Poe was injured during a mascot vs. youth football game in which mascots competed against the youth football players. Poe was tackled  and stayed down on the turf, causing trainers to come out and check on him. He was then carted off of the field, leaving many to speculate the worst.

On Thursday, an update was given on Poe both by Adam Schefter of ESPN as well as Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh. Schefter revealed that Poe suffered a “season-ending injury”, while Harbaugh told reporters that Poe would be placed on injured reserve due to a “serious injury to his drumstick.” Harbaugh also added that Poe would miss the 2022 season.

Many were waiting for an update on Poe’s condition, although the news wasn’t positive like people were hoping. His injury made national waves when it occurred, and after the news was announced there was a flood of well wishes for the mascot.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire