Ravens HC John Harbaugh discusses impressions of 2023 rookie minicamp

The Baltimore Ravens secured an impressive six-player draft class over the course of 2023 draft weekend. They added players who can contribute to their team both now and in the future, and potentially added future Pro Bowlers to the mix.

Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh spoke to the media after rookie minicamp practice concluded, and gave his impressions of what he’d seen out of the rookie class. He said he was happy with how they did, and described the emotions that come with first-year players in their first few NFL practices.

“They’re just what we thought – guys that love football. They’re working hard, picking things up quickly. Practice has been pretty darn crisp for coming out here for the first time. These guys have never been in this system, really never practiced in the NFL before. They were excited yesterday; they were a little hyped up, a couple guys. Sometimes you have to just calm down, slow your mind down a little bit. A slower mind means a faster body a lot of times, athletically, so we did that. They did a good job of not being overzealous in terms of banging into each other and all that stuff, understanding it’s an orientation period. So, [I’m] happy with how they’re doing.”

The Ravens only had six picks in this past NFL Draft, so it was a smaller class for them compared to what they have brought in over recent years. On paper, it seems like the team drafted high quality players that could be bright spots for years to come.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire