Ravens GM Eric DeCosta explains Day 2 strategy in 2024 NFL draft

The Baltimore Ravens are known for their shrewd draft day moves when it comes to maneuvering up and down the draft board. However, during the 2024 NFL draft the team kept all nine of their picks, staying put throughout the entire three days of festivities.

When talking about Baltimore’s draft strategy on Day 2, general manager Eric DeCosta went into detail on what the team’s brass was thinking. He talked about how the Ravens looked at their needs and who the best player available was, and calculated the chances of getting those players.

“Yes, I mean, what you have to try and do in any situation is look at your needs and who’s the best player available, and then what are your chances [of] getting a player at these other positions in the coming rounds. And so, [if] we’ve got a pick in 14, 15 picks away [or] whatever that is, we have to kind of assess who we think is going to be there at that pick, and then we have another pick after that in that fourth round. Everything we do is based on percentages, and so … Again, I’ll give [manager of data and decision science] Derrick Yam credit; he said today at the start of the day [that] there was an 80% that we would get Roger Rosengarten – 80%. And I said, ‘That seems kind of high to me,’ and he got kind of nervous and goes, ‘Yeah, that seems kind of high to me, too.'” (laughter) “But we got him, so he’s a free man.”

The Ravens exited Day 2 with offensive lineman Roger Rosengarten and edge rusher Adisa Isaac, two players who they are extremely happy about. It remains to be seen what their roles will look like in Year 1, but they have the potential to step up and contribute in a big way if an opportunity presents itself.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire