Ravens S Chuck Clark discusses trade rumblings surrounding himself during 2022 offseason

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The Baltimore Ravens have an extremely deep safety room that consists of many talented players. Veteran Chuck Clark, free agent signing Marcus Williams and rookie Kyle Hamilton are all expected to work together to patrol the back-end of Baltimore’s defense effectively and efficiently. However, it was uncertain if that was going to be the case earlier in the offseason, particularly when talking about Clark.

There were many different rumors surrounding the former Virginia Tech star over the course of the 2022 offseason. He discussed those rumblings when speaking with the media on Wednesday, admitted that there was a point where he didn’t know what was going to happen in regards to his future, but he’s now locked in with his team.

“I mean, there was definitely a time I didn’t know what was going to happen, honestly, and whatever was to come with that was going to come. At one point I did feel that way, but now that I’m out here with my team, man, I’m just like … I’m here, I’m locked in. They’re going to get what I got for right now. So, whatever comes in the future, that’s what’s going to come.”

Clark also revealed that he did ask if he could “get out of here”, but at the end of the day he said he’s going to work and do what he has to do.

“Me, personally, I just felt the situation that I was in [and] how things were going … Of course, yes, I did ask, ‘Can I get out of here?’ And so, I felt like that didn’t happen, and I wasn’t just going to give away my spot, given the other people around me. I’m not going to give away my spot; if I’m going to not be a starter, it’s going to have to be taken from me, at the end of the day. So, that’s just how I felt. At the end of the day, I’m going to work, and I’m going to show up and do what I’ve got to do.”

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire