A rattlesnake that climbs trees; why that shouldn’t worry you

An Arizona company that relocates rattlesnakes captured near homes and businesses has shared an image showing a rattlesnake scaling a tree.

“Yes, rattlesnakes can and do climb trees when it suits them,” Rattlesnake Solutions stated Wednesday via Instagram.

Such a revelation might be alarming to folks who had previously thought they only had to watch their step.

But Rattlesnake Solutions attempted to alleviate concerns with the following bullet points:

–“No, this does not mean they can climb all surfaces, including smooth surfaces.”

–“No, this does not mean that they’ll now drop from branches into the yard or on your head.”

–“Yes, your uncle who tells the story about the ‘nest of rattlers that jumped in his boat’ is full of s**t.”

–“No, you do not now need to fear trees knowing this.”

The company explained that the northern blacktailed rattlesnake in the image scaled the tree after being released following its capture near a construction site in Cochise County.

“Upon release to carefully selected habitat, it fled … straight up,” Rattlesnake Solutions continued. “This species, in particular, may spend more time high in trees than is currently realized.”

–Image courtesy of Bryan D. Hughes / Rattlesnake Solutions

Story originally appeared on For The Win