Rashid Shaheed switches to a new jersey number in his second year with the Saints

There aren’t many wide receivers wearing jersey numbers in the 20’s, but one of them will be Rashid Shaheed. The second-year wide receiver is now listed in No. 22 on the team’s official website roster, having previously used No. 89 as a rookie in 2022.

It makes sense for him to change, though No. 22 is an odd look on a receiver. Shaheed wore that number in college at Weber State and at Mt. Carmel High School in San Diego, Calif. So for him this is just going back to what he’s most comfortable in. The jersey wasn’t available last year with Mark Ingram II having laid claim to it.

Could another change be on the way for one of his teammates? Bryan Edwards chose to wear No. 89 in his previous NFL stops and in college at South Carolina, and now that it’s free he could choose to switch out of the No. 11 he was initially listed in. We’ll see if he makes a move or chooses to stay in the jersey he’s already picked.


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Story originally appeared on Saints Wire