Rasheed Wallace yells ‘YEAH AFLAC’ after a player not named ‘Aflac’ misses a free throw (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

There are a lot of things, despite the name of this particular blog, that we don't like about Rasheed Wallace. Longtime readers know all about our frustrations with the guy. Recent devotees will probably guess that those gripes have a lot to do with his public bouts with teammates, his immaturity in the face of late-game pressure, and his overreliance on the easier parts (long-range shooting, blaming others) of the pro basketball game.

Then, there's the part where a 38-year-old NBA veteran yells "YEAH AFLAC" at Orlando Magic guard Arron Afflalo just because Arron missed a free throw and his last name sort of sounds like the name of a car insurance company. Even Portland Trail Blazers and Boston Celtics fans won't be able to watch this clip, found via Pro Basketball Talk, without cracking up:

(We've watched this quite a bit today, over and over, attempting to find the right text to surround this video with; and it still holds up. All smiles on this end, as we write.)

Rasheed is averaging "just" five points and three rebounds this season in his return to the NBA, but he's making that noise happen in only 10 minutes a contest. That is some solid per-minute production. Of course, Sheed is shooting more often per-minute than any rotation player on the Knicks outside of Carmelo Anthony (he's even shooting more frequently, per minute, than J.R. Smith), managing a whopping 10.9 3-pointers attempted for every 36 minutes of play in spite of making just 18.8 percent of his looks from long range, while nailing just 40 percent of his shots overall.


The point is that 38-year-old Rasheed Wallace calls Orlando Magic guard Arron Afflalo "AFLAC" after he misses free throws. And that, with at least some of his traits, we're glad Rasheed Wallace will never change.

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