Rashee Rice surrenders to authorities, posts $40,000 bond

Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice, who faces eight felony charges in the aftermath of a street race that sparked a six-car accident, has surrendered to authorities in Dallas.

Via WFAA, he has been booked and released on $40,000 bond.

Rice has not yet been charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries. That could still happen, resulting in more felony charges.

Neither the Chiefs nor the NFL have taken action against Rice. As explained on Thursday's PFT Live, perhaps one or both should.

The facts are clear. The cars — both of which were registered to Rice — were racing. They endangered the lives of others.

SMU has already suspended Theodore Knox, the driver of the car. The NFL and the Chiefs look bad, frankly, in comparison.

Why not suspend Rice indefinitely pending resolution of the charges? Whether he's on paid leave or unpaid leave, it's a serious situation that compels the league to send a message to other players who might be tempted to get behind the wheel of a car and do things that create risk of serious injury both for himself and for others.