Rashee Rice meets with Dallas police investigators about crash

DALLAS - The Kansas City Chiefs player under investigation for a recent multi-car crash in Dallas has finally commented about what happened.

While he admits to talking to police, he left out significant details of his statement.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice met with Dallas police investigators on Wednesday in connection to a crash over the weekend, according to a statement released on Instagram.

"Today I met with Dallas PD investigators regarding Saturday's accident. I take full responsibility for my part in this matter and will cooperate with the necessary authorities," reads the statement from Rice's Instagram account. "I sincerely apologize to everyone impacted in Saturday's accident."

However, Rice did not specify whether he was a driver or a passenger. We do know he is linked to both high-performance supercars involved.

It is the first public statement from the 23-year-old Rice since the incident four days ago.

Four people suffered injuries in the chain-reaction crash involving four different vehicles on Saturday evening on the North Central Expressway near the Lovers Lane exit.

Dash camera video shows a Lamborghini SUV and Corvette losing control and colliding with other vehicles.

Dallas police said everyone in the Lamborghini and Corvette walked away from the damaged vehicles without offering help to anyone else. Photos obtained by TMZ Sports show them leaving.

Attorney Tennessee Walker represents a couple that was injured in the crash. Their Lexus SUV can be seen in the video. Walker says the wife, who was driving, glanced in her mirror right as the cars lost control and screamed as their car was rear-ended.

"Ultimately, it spun across and came back and crashed up against the retaining wall of the freeway," he said.

Dallas police confirmed on Wednesday that they’ve talked with Rice, but they haven’t identified anyone else involved.

"I was pleased to learn he has met with police, and I hope he was very open and forthcoming with them," Walker said. "But here we are four days later, now for the victims’ sake and for the public’s sake, it’s time for those responsible just to be open and honest about what their roles were."

Walker hasn’t spoken to Rice or his attorney but has read their statements.

Rice's attorney, State Senator Royce West from Dallas, released a short statement saying his client is cooperating with authorities.

"Both the initial statement by the legal counsel and the statement I read from Mr. Rice today, I would categorize them as intentionally vague and somewhat very much hollow for those involved," Walker said.

The couple is still recovering from their injuries.

Walker says the husband and wife were taken to the hospital and both have a bad concussion. The wife also has injuries to her face and legs.

"They’re frustrated. They’re angry," Walker said. "The fact that it was a public figure has made a bad situation for them a more complicated process."

No arrests have been made.

Dallas police say they’re still interviewing witnesses, victims and others possibly involved in the crash.

Detectives are still working to determine exactly what happened, who was involved and what role they played.

Police say their top priority is a thorough and fair investigation.

Rice, a rookie in the NFL last season, won a championship with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rice spent four seasons at SMU in Dallas and attended Richland High School.