Rashad Weaver calls Titans ‘lame’ for fine, doxxes himself

Tennessee Titans outside linebacker Rashad Weaver was apparently fined by the team for showing up late to a scheduled appointment, something that cost the second-year pro $1,130.80.

But that wasn’t even the biggest story to come out of this situation.

Weaver, who posted the fine letter to his Instagram story before deleting it, called the Titans “lame”, but he also forgot to remove his address from the screenshot of the paper, doxxing himself.

For those of you who aren’t hip enough to know what doxxing is, it’s defined as “to publicly identify or publish private information about (someone) especially as a form of punishment or revenge,” per Miriam-Webster.

Usually when someone is doxxed, it is done by another person with malicious intent. In this case, Weaver did it to himself (H/T @MalikWillisQB1 on Twitter for the screenshot).

Weaver has been having a great season with the Titans and has played a key role in the defense, but calling his team “lame” for enforcing a rule is a bad look for him. Rest assured, he’ll be hearing from head coach Mike Vrabel about all this.

The 2021 fourth-round pick has tallied four sacks this season, the third-most on the team. However, he won’t be suiting up in Week 8 against the Houston Texans after being ruled out with a back injury.


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Story originally appeared on Titans Wire