Rashad McCants tries his hand at acting

Basketball life hasn't always been easy for former North Carolina star Rashad McCants(notes). He went from being one of the top high school prospects in his class to a lottery pick to an NBA pariah, all in the span of a few short years. With his chances at an NBA spot dwindling, you'd almost think he should start thinking of another career.

Rashad agrees, so he's now trying to act. Check out this preview of his first foray into the thespian arts, the web series "The Booster Club," starring former famously underaged pornstar Traci Lords. We can't embed the clip because of its good deal of naughty language, but here's the link at Stiletto Jill. This is very clearly not safe for work.

McCants, who also executive produces the series, plays the bisexual leader of a high-end shoplifting syndicate. If that sounds like a giant mess to you, you're not alone. Whereas some athletes-turned-actors have played variations on themselves for more than a decade (see: Fox, Rick), McCants is aiming for something a little higher in his first major role. Good luck to him as he tries to play this exceedingly complicated character.

Sadly, "The Booster Club" does not look like appointment viewing, in part because it looks like it was made by someone who has only watched Tony Scott movies. Something tells me this one won't be the top series at the web's version of the Emmys.

But hey, everyone has to start somewhere. Hopefully McCants will find a new calling. In a decade, "The Booster Club" could just be a funny start to the career of one of cinema's greatest stars. If Jamie Foxx can do it, anyone can.

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