Rare 'two-faced' cat has half-black, half-orange fur: 'Isn't nature amazing?'

The internet is intrigued with a so-called "two-faced" cat named Venus. Half her face has black fur with a yellow eye, while the other half is orange tabby with a blue eye. The rest of her body is a mix of orange and black fur. The celebrity cat has over 2.3 million TikTok followers. In July, a video showing proof that the eye-catching feline is real went viral. "When I see 'that's sooooo Photoshopped' on my IG pics," the caption read. The clip featured baby pics of Venus from 2009 and photos of the rare kitten with her siblings. The video racked up 15.5 million views. "Cats like this exist, people and they are so beautiful," a user wrote