Rare sighting: World’s fastest fish sails into Cabo San Lucas marina

The marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, and game fish abound in offshore waters.

But on Wednesday, folks did not even have to board a boat to encounter a type of billfish described by National Geographic as “the fastest fish in the ocean.”

The accompanying footage, shared Wednesday by the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet, shows a large sailfish cruising inside the marina.

“Filmed by Javi Sanchez this AM in the marina in Cabo – apparently there were 3 or 4 Sails that came straight into the Marina and he caught this one on film,” Pisces wrote on Facebook. “After a few minutes the Sailfish made their way back out to the bay!”

Sailfish are typically encountered far from shore in tropical and subtropical waters. They are speedsters without peer, capable of swimming in bursts up to 68 mph.

Pisces Sportfishing crewman releases a sailfish caught offshore in 2021.

Sailfish are named, obviously, for their large dorsal fins, which resemble sails when the they’re exposed at the surface.

It’s not known why the sailfish entered the Cabo marina, but sailfish often use their dorsal fins to corral schooling baitfish.

As for other game fish, Cabo San Lucas anglers are currently enjoying the “hottest yellowfin tuna bite of the year,” according to Pisces Sportfishing.

Story originally appeared on For The Win