A rare Oklahoma City Thunder-themed Suzuki X-90 can be yours for $3,000 (VIDEO)

Interested in dropping $3,000 on a 1996 Suzuki crossover with two doors, 125,000 miles on it, no working air conditioner and a manual transmission that is fed by a clutch that may or may not work? One with an amateur paint job? Probably not.

Interested in dropping three bills on a limited edition Suzuki X-90 with a sporty gearshift and a painting of Cole Aldrich on it? What if we told you there was a Frederick Douglass quote painted on the hood? What if we mentioned that nine other members of the Oklahoma City Thunder have their images emblazoned on the side of the car? What if we told you the owner, Oklahoma City Thunder fan Drew Hooper, seems like a really cool dude? Well, via BuzzFeed and through Craigslist, this beauty can soon be yours.

Scope out some other pictures, and a video discussing Hooper's mindset as he took to refurbishing his Suzuki, after the jump:

We missed it two months ago — probably because of all the actual games that were being played back then — but The Oklahoman's Jenni Carlson had a bead on this during the first week of the postseason, and she talked to Hooper about his boy racer creation.

From Carlson's feature:

"My car ... not matter what you do to it, it's going to be about the same value," Hooper said, "so I thought I couldn't lose. I'm an artist, so why not turn my car into a canvas." [...]

"I love all the players; I really don't have a favorite," he said. "But an X-90 is only so big. I could only fit so many people.

Apparently the machine has worn out its welcome in the Hooper household. Why else would Drew sell it, especially with the Thunder needing all the support they can get in the wake of their Finals loss in late June?

Most questions were answered after a quick perusal of Hooper's Craigslist ad:

The passenger side window rolls down, the drivers side doesn't. The heat works well, the a/c don't. The clutch needs to be fixed, but my uncle says it's not hard to do! Haha!

Its a great car for the avid Thunder Fan as long as you don't mind people taking pictures of your car wherever you go! Selling as is $3000...

In summation, this sounds a lot like the 1996 Dodge Stratus that is currently immobile and stuck in my garage. And though that particular Stratus (bought as a knowing nod to a famous "Saturday Night Live" sketch, and featuring a sparkling British Racing Green paint job) doesn't turn over, apparently all I need to do is cover the thing with images of some of this areas more famous NBA players, and I'll have beer money for the whole summer! I need to find out if my wife can draw a suitable image of Tyler Hansbrough.

Good luck to Drew, in his endeavors. And a good warning to anyone that might take Hooper up on his bid — learn to drive a stick, first. Kendrick Perkins will glare at you, if you stall the Suzuki.

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