Raptors’ Landry Fields nails floor-mopper in head with full-court buzzer-beater try (VIDEO)

Hey, dude? Head's up.

Three things about this:

1. The mop gent had rushed out to clean up after a possession that hadn't seen anyone hit the deck or anything; on the Toronto Raptors' previous trip down the floor, Jonas Valanciunas had gotten fouled on a dive to the rim and made two free throws. (Maybe Cleveland Cavaliers big man Marreese Speights was just raining while lined up on the block.)

2. Landry Fields didn't let his heave fly until after the buzzer, so it wouldn't have counted even if it hit nothing-but-net-and-definitely-not-a-man's-head. As a result, Fields got to keep his robust 8.3 percent 3-point mark on the season, and didn't have to suffer the indignity of seeing it drop to an unsightly 7.7 percent.

3. In a recent interview, the student manager who serves as the sweat mopper for the University of Tennessee's men's basketball team said he chose that particular job because it "gives you more TV exposure." Which is fine, except when ... y'know.

Fields finished with nine points on 4 for 8 shooting in 23 minutes off the bench as the Raptors outlasted the Cavs, 100-96, in Toronto on Sunday. Kyle Lowry hit a big twisting turnaround fadeaway jumper from the left elbow with 14.2 seconds left to seal Toronto's win in a game that saw Cleveland star point guard Kyrie Irving leave late in the third quarter with a left shoulder injury.

Video via the Raptors' YouTube channel.

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