Kyle Lowry delivers textbook 'Hockey Guy' interview

Kyle CantlonNHL Editor
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Kyle Lowry put up one of the biggest performances of his career on Wednesday night, and it’s about time the point guard’s trolling gets the respect it deserves after years of being overlooked and undervalued.

It’s not entirely clear what essence K-Low was trying to capture when he unleashed this perfectly executed post-game scrum after the Raptors overtime win in Charlotte, but it’s pretty evident he’s been taking notes and paying close attention to the interview etiquette of some of his hockey-playing brethren down the hall at Scotiabank Arena.

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The delivery? Clean and on point. The cliche use? Absolutely elite. The weird change in voice tone for absolutely? Top notch. Repeating irrelevant buzz words? Lowry’s got it on lock. Dude would transition into an NHL locker room seamlessly with this type of interview fire.

Kyle Lowry would fit into an NHL dressing room just fine. (Getty)
Kyle Lowry would fit into an NHL dressing room just fine. (Getty)

Fans have suggested he’s actually impersonating rookie Terence Davis, who had a career-high 23 points against Charlotte, or perhaps coach Nick Nurse, but we’re just going to believe otherwise.

Once Kyle officially changes his name to like Brayden or Tristan or something and gets his hands on a Red Deer, Alberta driver’s license, the transition to Full Hockey Guy will be complete.

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