NBA team gift Drake £600,000 diamond-encrusted jacket

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It’s good to be Drake.

Along with the litany of awards for his music and a successful clothing line, he also famously gets the royal treatment with his court-side spot at Toronto Raptors home games.

“The Boy” hit peak cheerleader levels during Tuesday’s Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference final, whooping it up with over-the-top windmill celebrations and even sneaking in a quick shoulder rub for Raptors coach Nick Nurse.

After seeing the gift the team bestowed upon him prior to the game, it is easy to understand why he was in such a festive mood.

That’s a £600,000 diamond encrusted jacket from Toronto outlet Garrison Bespoke, according to the Toronto Star. Designer Michael Nguyen told The Star that the one-of-a-kind jacket took nearly a year and a half to complete, and features at least 235 diamonds embroidered into the pattern of the iconic OVO owl logo.

All the diamonds nearly take the attention off the Raptors jersey lining interior, which would be enough to make it an impressive article of clothing even without the near million dollars worth of stones on the front.

With the way the Raptors played in Game 4, perhaps MLSE has found the solution to the Drake Curse: make sure whatever logo he is wearing is made of diamonds.

Now, the tricky part has got to be figuring out where to wear it.

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