Raptors assistant coach Adrian Griffin accused of domestic violence by former wife

Adrian Griffin stands on the sideline during a game.
Raptors assistant Adrian Griffin has been accused of domestic violence by his former wife. (Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images)

Toronto Raptors assistant coach Adrian Griffin has been accused of several incidents of domestic violence by his former wife, Audrey Griffin.

In a screenshot she posted to Twitter, Audrey alleges that her ex-husband was violent toward her numerous times, sometimes in front of their children.

Audrey accuses Griffin of choking her, throwing her into a wall, dragging her out of the house while she was pregnant, dragging her across the lawn in front of their children, and giving her sexually transmitted diseases by having unprotected sex outside of their marriage that he did not disclose to her. She also claims that Griffin has not followed a court order and has not been sending financial support. Audrey says she has proof of these incidents, but Griffin has been able to “get away with it” due to his position as an NBA assistant.

Griffin, 46, is a former player who went into coaching following his 2008 retirement from the NBA. He has been an assistant with the Raptors since 2018. Head coach Nick Nurse chose not to be on the bench when the Raptors took on the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night and allowed Griffin to coach the team. The Raptors won the game and Griffin said afterward that he “felt like Cinderella,” which Audrey refers to in her tweet.

The Raptors have not yet released a statement about the accusations against Griffin.

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