Rapids, Wolves announce partnership along with new manager for Rapids

Mar. 18—WATERTOWN — The Watertown Wolves and Rapids have announced a new partnership as owners of the Wolves, Tyler Weese and Reid Inman, have acquired the Rapids baseball team from the previous owners Paul Velte and Mike Schell.

Rapids partner Dave Oster will remain with the Rapids as part of the new ownership team.

Weese and Inman purchased the Wolves in 2022, and a news release says they "see the Rapids as a strategic alliance to go along with the Wolves, who are enjoying record attendance numbers this season."

"I couldn't be more excited about acquiring the Watertown Rapids! It's a team with a unique history and a staple of the local community. We see this as a boost for both the Wolves and the Rapids and look forward to solidifying both franchises," Weese said in the news release.

Oster complimented the previous owners Schell and Velte, saying they built a "great" base and unity in order to continue Rapids success, while saying he is "excited" to work with the new owners.

"This new partnership will allow us to combine resources and help the Wolves and Rapids continue the rise of our popularity and brand," he said in the news release.

Weese said it just made sense to acquire the Rapids.

"Having the Wolves already it makes a lot of sense to have the housing, the transportation already there and tie the two franchises together, give back to the community and try to be successful," he said.

One of the reasons Weese and Inman decided to acquire the baseball team was because of the following they received with the Wolves.

No major changes are expected.

"Just making sure that we can continue this for years to come," he said.

In addition to the new ownership, the Rapids announced that Matthew Petrossi will be the next field manager of the team.

Petrossi, a Rochester native, is a Fairport High School graduate before beginning his collegiate career at Monroe Community College and helped them make two straight NJCAA World Series appearances in 2018 and 2019, finishing with an 11-4 record as a starting pitcher.

He then continued his college pitching career to SUNY Oneonta after COVID-19 shortened his pitching career at Monroe Community College.

After he graduated, he became a pitching coach during the 2023 season for Oneonta and during the fall of 2024.

"I am super excited for this opportunity to lead the Rapids on the field and am thankful to team owners Dave Oster and Tyler Weese for giving me this opportunity and supporting me in these early stages of building our 2024 team," Petrossi said in the news release.

Petrossi said the job is a good way for him to gain experience.

"I just think it's a good opportunity, and (I'm) looking forward to working with these players and helping them develop their skills," he said.

Petrossi's first year as manager begins on May 31 against the Oneonta Outlaws at Alex T. Duffy Stadium.