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Jerry's yacht? Kliff's bachelor pad? Ranking the top NFL draft setups

Ryan Young
·5 min read
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With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the NFL draft to be held virtually, team owners, coaches and general managers set up “war rooms” at their homes to make their picks — providing fans with a unique inside look at how some of the biggest names in the league live.

Some went all out. Others just used the home office setup they already had.

So, of course, we had to rank the best, and worst, ones.

No. 8. Zac Taylor’s ‘motel conference-room chic’

All eyes were on the Cincinnati Bengals, who took Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick, coming into the draft.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor, however, must have missed that memo.

Taylor’s setup included a plain desk in the corner of a plain white room, with the Bengals media backdrop behind him and a TV. That’s it. There was nothing else.

While a unique setup for the draft wasn’t a requirement, it’s a nice touch — considering that it’ll be broadcast to millions of viewers on live television. Taylor, it seems, couldn’t have cared less.

New York Giants coach Dave Gettleman’s wasn’t much better, but at least it looked like he was at his own house.

No. 7. Mike Vrabel’s chaotic scene

Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel had plenty of help on Thursday night.

Well, help is perhaps too strong of a word.

Vrabel appeared to be set up in his basement living room, which created a lot — a lot — of questions for fans watching at home. Not only was there a man in a Frozone-esque body suit standing behind him, but at one point it looked as if someone was sitting on a toilet in the background.

(Don’t worry, it wasn’t a toilet)

Hey, whatever works.

No. 6. Matt Nagy’s interesting wallpaper

Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy is either a total genius, or certifiably insane.

Nagy, presumably in his basement, decked out the room with notes plastered on the walls from floor to ceiling — providing him with what should be more than enough information to get through the draft.

If it works and gives him an advantage, great. If it doesn’t work out, though, someone may want to check in on him.

No. 5. Mike Zimmer’s cabin

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer was perhaps the only coach in the league to perfectly match the feel of his state with his draft setup.

Zimmer, seated at a giant wooden desk in front of his fireplace, fully embraced the cabin feel. There were even three trophy heads mounted on the wall behind him, with the biggest one square over the fireplace.

If there was any place to ride out a blizzard, it’s at Zimmer’s house. No wonder he looked so comfortable during the draft.

No. 4. Bill Belichick’s kitchen table

Look, there’s nothing special about Bill Belichick’s set up. The New England Patriots coach was literally just sitting at his kitchen table with a laptop.

But it was who Belichick had with him that upped his “war room” game.

The normally emotion-less coach could be seen with his dog, Nike, throughout ESPN’s coverage of the draft. At one point, before the Patriots made their second-round pick, Nike was sitting alone in the shot at Belichick’s computer, seemingly in control of the Patriots.

Dogs always make everything — including a very average set up — better.

No. 3. John Elway’s trophies

John Elway was a very good football player.

Elway made sure to remind everyone of that fact during the NFL draft.

The Denver Broncos general manager made sure to have their three Super Bowl trophies — two of which he won as a quarterback for the team — behind him while drafting.

If there’s a flex to be made during the draft, Elway executed it perfectly.

No. 2. Kliff Kingsbury’s bachelor pad

Kliff Kingsbury has the best living room among any coach the league, and the Arizona Cardinals made sure everyone knew about it.

The Cardinals tweeted out a picture of Kingsbury relaxing on his couch in a stunning home with an incredible backyard behind him, complete with a fire pit and mountains off in the distance. The living room doesn’t just rival the best ones among coaches in the league, but it could very well be one of the best living rooms in the world.

It was the biggest personal flex headed into the draft.

Well, it almost was.

No. 1. Jerry Jones’ mega-yacht

This one is self-explanatory.

Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner, set up shop on his massive $250-million mega-yacht. The 357-foot boat, the Bravo Eugenia, reportedly contains a spa, sauna, steam room, massage room, plunge pool, full gym and two helicopter pads.

Try as you might, there’s no beating that setup.

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