Ranking every possible World Series matchup

As it stands right now, there are 25 possible World Series matchups that could come our way. Hopes and dreams die quick in October, but right now five teams on each side are still alive and fighting for a championship.

Some of them are big names from big cities — we’re talking the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves. There are a couple of small-market Cinderellas, like the Oakland Athletics, Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays.

And, let’s be real, within all that are some World Series we’d like to see more than others.

So, like we do every year, the Yahoo Sports MLB staff ranked every possible World Series matchup to figure out which ones we’d like to see most and least. Eight different writers cast ballots for this tally, and you’re not going to be shocked to see what’s on top of the list.

No surprise here: Our panel wants to see the Yankees back in the World Series. (Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports)
No surprise here: Our panel wants to see the Yankees back in the World Series. (Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports)

1 - Yankees vs. Dodgers — Two of the most storied franchises in the game, some of the best young players in the game and the U.S.’s two biggest cities — there’s nothing to dislike here.

2 - Astros vs. Dodgers — They gave us a thriller in 2017 and could do it again in 2019. Both teams are probably better now too. The Dodgers are more well-rounded and the Astros didn’t have Gerrit Cole back then.

3 - Yankees vs. Braves — Fish out your grunge CDs, because this one would have you feeling like it’s the ‘90s again.

4 - Yankees vs. Nationals — That Yankees lineup vs. that Nationals rotation. This one would be plenty of fun.

5 - Astros vs. Nationals — This would be one helluva starting pitching matchup. No openers here. Just Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg and Patrick Corbin.

6 - Yankees vs. Cardinals — Let’s party like it’s 1964!

7 - A's vs. Dodgers — Last year was the 30-year anniversary of Kirk Gibson’s famous walk-off homer and the last Dodgers championship, but a rematch in 2019 would still be pretty cool.

8 - Astros vs. BravesAlex Bregman, George Springer, Ronald Acuña Jr., Ozzie Albies? Dallas Keuchel and Brian McCann against their old team? Yes all around.

9 - Astros vs. Cardinals — Important question: Would Chris Correa get tickets left for him at will call?

10 - Twins vs. Dodgers — Winner gets Nick Punto.

11 - Rays vs. Dodgers — The Andrew Friedman World Series. It’s not quite the Theo Epstein World Series, but it’s still cool.

12 - Twins vs. Braves — Somebody get Jack Morris on the phone and tell him to warm up.

13 - Yankees vs. Brewers — Two of baseball’s best bullpens. So hear me out. Make all the games five innings and say you can’t use starting pitchers.

14 - A's vs. Braves — The revenge of Josh Donaldson.

15 - Twins vs. Nationals — The revenge of Brian Dozier.

16 - A's vs. Nationals — Talk about a cross-country World Series.

17 - Astros vs. Brewers — Winner gets Carlos Gomez.

18 - Rays vs. Brewers — With their funky strategies, like openers, Tampa Bay vs. Milwaukee might be the most interesting chess match possible.

19 - Twins vs. Brewers — Can we also get the Viking and Packers to play on one of the off days?

20 - Twins vs. Cardinals — Let’s party like it’s 1987!

21 - A's vs. Brewers — Quick, name as many starting pitchers on the A’s and Brewers as you can right now.

22 - A's vs. Cardinals — Winner gets Tony LaRussa.

23 - Rays vs. Braves — This one didn’t finish high on our list, but we’re still here for Austin Meadows vs. Ronald Acuña Jr.

24 - Rays vs. Nationals — Two of baseball’s youngest franchises, which wouldn’t be ideal for TV ratings either.

25 - Rays vs. Cardinals — Sorry, Tampa Bay and St. Louis. It’s nothing personal.


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