Ranking all 32 teams (including the Browns) by 2024 win total predictions

Where do the Cleveland Browns, an 11-win team from a year ago, rank in preseason win totals among NFL oddsmakers?

A year ago, the Browns were given a preseason win total of 8.5 games, far exceeding that expectation despite 26 percent of their salary cap on Injured Reserve. That was even with punting the last week of the season, and resting their starters in Week 18 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Now entering 2024, the expectations are just as high and the pressure is on quarterback Deshaun Watson to meet the standard of play the team has expected of him since making the blockbuster trade. The Browns have also done their best to solidify that they will not have to play five quarterbacks again this season with the signing of Jameis Winston, but there is no doubt the majority of the pressure still rests on the shoulders of their starting quarterback.

Here are all 32 teams (including the Browns) ranked by their win totals before we have even gotten to the 2024 NFL draft.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire