Ranking all 32 NFL teams' virtual draft war rooms

While the 2020 NFL Draft was unconventional, it will certainly be the most memorable yet. The virtual setup allowed fans to have a rare glimpse into the homes of Commissioner Roger Goodell, head coaches and GMs and you know you were judging every single one.

Well, so were we.

We split the war rooms of all 32 NFL teams into a few different categories. Some were particularly disappointing, others were practical and a few were downright show-offy (cough cough, Jerry Jones).

Here are our thoughts:

Nothing Special


As far as setups go, this may be the weakest. Browns fans should hope that their front office is better at making picks than it is at setting up a war room on the fly.


Miami put together a stellar Draft, but it looks like GM Chris Grier is getting it done in a simple setup. No need for flash, just make the right picks.


Jon Gruden's war room featured a giant whiteboard and most of his family.


Frank Reich keeps it small with only a few screens at his disposal. However, we can always appreciate someone who makes sure to turn off the lights before walking up the stairs.


Eric DeCosta's war room was decent. Nothing special.


The Eagles had solid setups across the board with a total of 13 screens and some nice backdrops.


A normal virtual operation for the Super Bowl Champs. Andy Reid, however, if of course bringing his A-game with the Hawaiin shirt. 


Bill Belichick's war room was as Bill Belichick as it gets. Totally nonchalant, not too fancy and on what looks like a massive checkerboard.


Chargers GM Tom Telesco also took advantage of his dining room table.


Jets GM Joe Douglas' war room was just a home office, but his kids hugging him after making his first pick was a cute moment.


Bill O'Brien's setup didn't make headlines, but what he did on camera may have. During a pick, O'Brien seemed upset about something and let his emotions show.


Pretty smooth set up all around for Buffalo. The more logos you can fit in, the better.


Kyle Shanahan also took advantage of his home office setup.


More home office setups! Head coach Matt Rhule utilized his home office, but featured no large television screen. Only a couple of laptops and a desktop.


Ron Rivera had a pretty decent set-up, with a massive television screen that didn't even fit in the Redskins' tweet.


Head coach Doug Marrone had a similar set up to Rivera, but Rivera's was far superior with the larger television screen.


The Falcons showed off a few different war room setups. Owner Arthur Blanks' showed off two very good boys.


The Bengals' war room(s) was...eh. Nothing special. But the backdrop behind coach Zac Taylor was lightyears better than the Titans'.


Poor Dave Gettleman was trolled for wearing a mask during the Draft, but is in remission from battling lymphoma and wore the mask as there was an IT guy in his house.


Matt LaFleur has the basic team logo behind him, nothing crazy for the second-year head coach. However, he does get some bonus points for having his kids with him, who very much are not involved in the decision making.


Nothing crazy here from New Orleans, but man, that is a lot of screens. Hopefully, they have some of those blue-light glasses or the eyes might have some pain by the time the weekend is up. 


More good boys and a draft board that will make fantasy league owners everywhere jealous.


It looks like Mike Tomlin is keeping it simple with his setup in what resembles a home office. However, don't overlook the comfortable spinning chair. That is an essential part of the operation.

The Best of the Best


Overall, most of Denver's setup is nothing too special. However, they land in this category because of what John Elway has going. It's simple, but the cheering section in the back and the three Super Bowl trophies next to him is a perfect subtle flex.


The Lions get style points for creativity. Part of their operation for the Draft is taking place in an RV.


Head coach Bruce Arian's and GM Jason Licht's war rooms were simple, yet sophisticated. Licht's kids even made him an adorable homemade sign.


Head coach Mike Zimmer was proclaimed as one of the top 5 Draft rooms by the NFL Network and we'd have to agree. The stone fireplace makes drafting seem very cozy.


Arizona wins this one hands-down. Even though it looks like the set of Parasite.


If the Cardinals are in this category, so are the Rams. That's because it kind of looks like Sean McVay is in the same exact house? Probably not the case, but it's safe to say the west coast has some nice architecture.


Jerry Jones' draft room would be on his $250 million yacht. 

Weird, Very Weird


Mike Vrabel's set-up was...uh...interesting. People were in costumes and at one point, Vrabel had to set the record straight that his son was, in fact, not sitting on a toilet in the background.


Matt Nagy's room has paper...EVERYWHERE. Not sure if the Bears head coach is trying to find the best prospect or solve conspiracy theories, but either way it's quite a sight to look at.

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Ranking all 32 NFL teams' virtual draft war rooms originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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