Ran Carthon: When Will Levis got his opportunity to play, he took off and ran with it

Quarterback Will Levis displayed his potential as a quarterback during his rookie season for the Titans.

After Tennessee traded up to select Levis with the No. 33 overall pick in the second round, he threw for 1,808 yards with eight touchdowns and four interceptions in nine starts — good for an 84.2 passer rating. He also rushed for 57 yards with a TD.

During the scouting combine this week, General Manager Ran Carthon said he’s expecting Levis to continue to improve as he gets more playing time in Year Two.

“He spent the earlier part of the [2023] season as the inactive third, and then when he got his opportunity to play, he took off and ran with it," Carthon said. “So, for him, it's continuing to get time on task, and especially now coming into a new offense, getting him in that, getting him knowledgeable of it.

"And for Will, it's about creating that consistency. When he was at Kentucky, he had multiple offensive coordinators. I think he may have had the same offense maybe twice in his career. We want to be able to create that consistency for him, get him used to making calls, and get him to where he's making all the calls and checks up front.”

Levis will have to adjust to a new offense in 2024. But if things go to plan, that should be the last truly new playbook he’ll have to learn for years to come.