Rams propose rule to make roughing the passer penalties reviewable

The NFL held its competition committee meetings over the weekend, which allows teams to propose new rules for the league. During the meetings, the Los Angeles Rams proposed the idea of making roughing the passer penalties reviewable by instant replay, which would be a major change.

Roughing the passer has become a focal point for officials during games to protect quarterbacks around the league. Despite the effort the NFL has made to protect quarterbacks, it’s been called inconsistently for different quarterbacks.

Also, it has made it harder for defensive players as they are unable to apply their full weight on a quarterback or a penalty will be called. Even though the Rams suggested the idea of making the penalty reviewable, it isn’t expected to be approved.

With games sometimes being decided by a couple of plays or penalties, the Rams just want to make sure the right calls are being made when it comes to roughing the passer. That being said, it doesn’t appear the idea of reviewing roughing-the-passer penalties will gather much steam this offseason.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire