Rams' Matt Gay hilariously mocks NFL's uniform rules after $5K fine

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Rams kicker hilariously mocks NFL's uniform rules after $5K fine originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Rams kicker Matt Gay received a fine from the NFL following Los Angeles’ Week 1 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

But it wasn’t a result of something he did during the game.

Rather, Gay was fined $5,000 for violating the league’s uniform and equipment rules. Specifically, Gay’s pants weren’t covering his knees.

And the one-time Pro Bowler didn’t take the fine in stride, as he expressed his displeasure with it in a hilariously sarcastic manner on Friday.

Gay first sent off a tweet with photos of him wearing a full uniform, highlighted by a pair of very baggy pants. In the tweet, Gay thanked the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell for making him "feel safe” with the uniform rules.

“How to dress as a kicker in the [NFL] per [Roger Goodell] to avoid a $5K pant length fine,” Gay’s tweet read. “Thanks guys now I feel safe and can do my job super well. Sorry my third pic I’m showing leg skin #fined.”

The kicker then sported the oversized pants during practice:

A couple of Gay’s teammates, cornerbacks Jalen Ramsey and David Long Jr., were in disbelief of the punishment as well:

Gay wasn’t the only NFL player to be handed down a uniform-related fine after Week 1. Houston Texans defensive end Jerry Hughes was also docked $5K for his pants not covering the knee area, and he wasn't thrilled about it, either.