Rams GM Les Snead received profane mug from kids after trading away all the team's draft picks

The Los Angeles Rams don't have any more draft picks. After trading for Von Miller and Matthew Stafford, Rams general manager Les Snead left the cupboard pretty bare, and even his kids are teasing him about it.

Snead received a profane mug from his kids featuring a black-and-white picture of Snead with the phrase "F*** them picks" written across his face. Snead's wife, Kara Henderson, shared an image of the mug Thursday.

The image contains a conveniently placed reflection that slightly obscures the naughty word on the mug.

Given Snead's smile, we'll assume no one involved had malicious intent, and that Snead's kids are just messing with their dad. Snead has no reason to be upset yet. Sure, he traded a lot of picks, but the Rams are 7-1 and have the third-best odds to win the Super Bowl, per BetMGM.

The mugs, which are being sold through Teespring, are a play on a Michael Jordan meme. The meme features a black-and-white picture of Jordan with a similar phrase written across Jordan's face. The meme may have started after video surfaced in which Chris Paul challenged Jordan to hit shots at Jordan's basketball camp. If Jordan missed, he would have to provide free shoes to every kid at the camp. Jordan did not miss, and a meme — which is NSFW — was born.

Rams have limited picks in 2022 after trades

The Rams aren't completely out of picks for the 2022 NFL draft. The team still has a third-round pick, a fifth-round pick and two seventh-round picks. The Rams are also expected to receive a few compensatory picks after losing players last offseason, according to Rams Wire.

Things look somewhat better in 2023, when the team has its second- and third-round picks ... for now, at least. The Rams traded their first-round pick in 2023 for Stafford and their fourth-round pick in 2023 for running back Sony Michel.

Those losses could prevent the Rams from rebuilding over the next couple years, but Snead may not care about that. If the Rams win it all in 2021, he won't have to worry about his job security for quite some time.

Rams general manager Les Snead.
Les Snead gave up a lot of draft picks to make the Rams a Super Bowl contender. (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)