Rams GM Les Snead gives ringing endorsement for Raheem Morris with 3-minute monologue

The number of people lining up to endorse Raheem Morris as a head coaching candidate is getting quite long. Sean McVay, Jalen Ramsey, Kevin Demoff, and countless others have shared nothing but praise for the Rams defensive coordinator as teams consider him to be their next head coach, and Les Snead has once again joined the party.

Snead opened his conference call with reporters on Friday by giving a three-minute monologue about Morris and why he would make such a great head coach.

“I’ll open with this. I don’t usually do monologues, but I do want to talk about Raheem, just because I know he’s interviewing for just about every head coaching job in the NFL right now,” Snead opened. “And it’s been three years, but I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to talk about him. Number one, I think we all know, great human being. The guy is coded to respect everyone, to build a relationship with everyone no matter where you’re at in the organization.”

Snead continued by talking about just how smart Morris is as a person, beyond just the football side, too. And the fact that he’s worked on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball makes him an even more qualified candidate in Snead’s mind.

Snead knows that if Morris does land a head coaching job, he’ll be able to hire an impressive staff and he won’t have any trouble attracting players because everyone will want to play for him.

“He’s a highly intelligent human being who happened to choose football, and probably could’ve done a lot of things in life, but chose the path of football. … He’s going to give any organization an edge just based on how collaborative he is,” Snead continued. “It’s going to be an edge that most teams aren’t going to be able to compete with. He’ll be able to hire an unbelievable staff. Every coach who’s any good, who’s qualified, they’re going to want to work for Raheem and I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of tampering charges because just about every player in the NFL is going to text him wanting to go play for him.”

Morris has interviewed with two teams already and is also interviewing with a third on Friday. He’ll wrap up his fourth and fifth interviews on Saturday, completing his first round of meetings with teams searching for head coaches.

The five teams that have shown interest in Morris are the Chargers, Commanders, Seahawks, Falcons and Panthers, making him one of the most sought-after coaches on the market this offseason.

The Rams would love to retain him as their defensive coordinator, but McVay, Snead, Demoff and others know it’s time for him to land his second head coaching opportunity.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire