Rams fans were baffled by Michael Hoecht being asked to cover DK Metcalf

It only took one half of football for Rams fans to question Raheem Morris’ scheme in 2023. Late in the second quarter against the Seahawks, edge rusher Michael Hoecht lined up across from DK Metcalf in the slot – and not once, but twice.

The first play resulted in Hoecht being called for pass interference, while the second was zone coverage and the ball went elsewhere, not to Metcalf. Fans predictably couldn’t believe those two play calls by Morris, lining up a defensive tackle-turned-edge rusher across from one of the best and most physically gifted receivers in the NFL.

This was after Zach VanValkenburg was in coverage on Tyler Lockett a couple of times earlier in the game. Here’s how fans reacted to the plays on social media.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire