Should the Rams be concerned about Frank Clark in Week 11 matchup?

Frank Clark is one of football’s many odd cases. He’s a really good player who often disappears, yet the Kansas City Chiefs can directly contribute their last two Super Bowls to the consistently dominating performances Clark put on in the playoffs.

In the middle of his ninth year in the NFL, Clark finds himself with the team that drafted him, the Seattle Seahawks. Coming over from Denver, Clark has yet to make an impact with the team. However, the man with 58.5 sacks is due for a big performance and the Rams might be in the right state of dysfunction for Clark to pull it off.

As we all know, the Rams’ offensive line has major issues and Clark’s arsenal of pass-rush moves is going to give him a bunch of opportunities to get into the backfield.

Clark loves to come off the edge, dip his shoulder, and take a perfect angle onto the QB. Sometimes Clark likes to throw in the jab step to throw the tackle off-balanced. He’ll also go inside to throw a tackle off from predicting his movements and he is always finding work.

The Rams need to pay attention to Clark. They should consider periodic double teams, chip blocks, or a consistent run game. I would run at Clark, make him tired, and exploit his fatigue. Whatever Sean McVay does, this problem might make or break the Rams’ fading playoff hopes.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire