Rams coach Sean McVay is in his house like everyone else amid coronavirus, and yes, he watched 'Tiger King'

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We don’t often think of NFL coaches and players as normal, everyday people. The coronavirus pandemic has changed that.

The NFL’s biggest stars are stuck in the house like everyone else. Aaron Rodgers had trouble finding toilet paper. Denver Broncos defensive tackle Shelby Harris had startling comments about being happy to simply have a job when so many are losing theirs due to coronavirus. Players are having to figure out how to stay in shape with team facilities and gyms closed.

And Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay is dealing with it too. He’s in the house trying to do his job, but also passing time like everyone else. Which meant binging on “Tiger King.”

“It was one of those, it was so bad I couldn’t stop watching it,” McVay said on John Roa’s podcast “Leading from Home.” I had to see what all the fuss about, with Joe Exotic, and Carole Baskin and Dr. Antle. It was a crazy documentary.”

And like everyone else, McVay is stunned at what he sees on the occasions he goes outside.

Sean McVay surprised by restrictions too

McVay’s life has been disrupted, and not just regarding football. He said on the podcast he’d been planning a wedding, but the specific plans are up in the air due to coronavirus restrictions.

Everything is put on hold, even for a famous NFL coach.

“You almost feel like you’re watching a movie,” McVay told Roa. “I had to go to FedEx down the street to drop a package off last week and you start to really get a sense of, wow, this really is something you’re seeing on the news but until you go out into the public and see the lines at the grocery store because of the limitations of people that can be in there at one time, the social distancing with people following that rule.

“We have such a great view of the valley, and it just looks more quiet, where there’s not as much action going on. It just seems a little surreal and it’s still hard for me to grasp the entirety of what’s going on, to be honest.”

And yes, McVay’s job is different too.

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay is dealing with coronavirus restrictions like everyone else. (AP Photo/John Hefti)
Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay is dealing with coronavirus restrictions like everyone else. (AP Photo/John Hefti)

Rams preparing for an unusual draft

The draft is less than three weeks away, and teams aren’t sure yet what they’ll be allowed to do in regards to gathering. The league said this week in a memo that it will determine if team facilities are safe, and if not the draft could happen totally remotely. Not having key coaches, scouts and executives in a draft room, but on a video conferencing app, would be an adjustment.

“No. 1 you’re going to follow the protocol that has been set by the government and ... being part of the solution,” McVay said on Roa’s podcast.

McVay said the only thing that is certain is the league plans to hold a draft on the scheduled dates, April 23-25. Until then, the Rams and everyone else are preparing the best they can.

“We’re navigating through where that will take place and what that will look like over the next couple weeks,” McVay said.

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