Rams are among 5 teams over the salary cap, but only slightly

The Los Angeles Rams are wizards when it comes to navigating the salary cap. Somehow, they always find a way to fit big contracts under the cap, whether it’s new deals for Bobby Wagner and Allen Robinson or extensions for Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald.

After trimming their roster down to 53 players on Tuesday and signing 17 players to the practice squad a day later, the Rams are still slightly over the cap. According to Over the Cap, the Rams, Lions, Patriots, Jets and Giants are five teams over the limit, and they’ll need to get under the cap by Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Fortunately, the Rams are only $189,997 over the cap, so freeing up space won’t be challenging for them. The Giants, on the other hand, are $5.2 million over, so they have work to do. Currently, the Browns have the most salary cap space with $39.5 million – $23.8 million more than any other team.

Based on the top-51 rule, where only the 51 biggest contracts count against the cap, Jake Hummel is the last player whose contract counts ($706,666). Next up would be Keir Thomas and Lance McCutcheon.

Whether it’s a restructure or an outright cut, the Rams shouldn’t have any trouble getting under the cap.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire