Rams already have more 3-and-outs this season than all of 2021

There are a lot of stats that show how bad the Rams’ offense has been this season, but FOX’s broadcast on Sunday may have just shown us the most shocking one of all. During the second quarter of the Rams-Cardinals game, a graphic popped up that listed the Rams’ three-and-out totals from this season and last year.

This season, the Rams already have 26 three-and-outs in eight games and one quarter. Last season, they had a total of 25 in 17 games.

That’s hard to believe, but it shows just how bad the Rams’ offense has been in 2022. And after that graphic was showed on the broadcast, the Rams added two more three-and-outs on their next two drives, giving them 28 on the year. They might hit 50 at some point this season and double up last year’s total.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire