Rams add South Korea and Japan as international home marketing areas

The NFL is always looking to expand its footprint around the world as an international brand, whether it’s with games in London and Mexico or its international pathway program for players. A few years ago, the league announced a new global markets program, which allows teams to market in various countries for at least five years.

The Rams began with Mexico, Australia and China before adding New Zealand in 2022. On Monday, they added two more countries as international home marketing areas: Japan and South Korea.

As they are in China, the Rams are the only team with a marketing program in Japan and South Korea. Below is the full list of countries and teams represented in the global markets program.

Here’s a bit about the global markets program, per the NFL.

The program grants NFL clubs access to international markets for marketing, fan engagement and commercialization activations as part of an important, long-term strategic effort to enable clubs to build their brands globally while driving NFL fan growth beyond the US.

The Rams can now pursue marketing opportunities in six different countries around the world, as they would at home in the U.S. That will only grow their global presence, and potentially set them up to play an international game in one of the six countries in the future.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire