Ramon Laureano's humble response to 'Laser' nickname, who gave it to him

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Laureano's humble response to where 'Laser' nickname originated originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

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It started with a play that went viral, turned into t-shirts and bobbleheads and then became a staple for Athletics outfielder Ramón Laureano.

Laureano’s “Laser” nickname is a direct result of the strength and accuracy of his right arm.

The 28-year-old Dominican Republic native sat with Telemundo's Carlos Yustis to further share his thoughts on the catchy moniker and how it interestingly came about.

“That nickname is nice, but I’m not going to think I’m that big because of it because that’s not my goal,” Laureano explained to Yustis on the latest episode of “All A’s,” which debuts Friday. “It is not my goal to get to play in the big leagues and have a nickname. My goal is the goal I have set for myself in me.

“And I think it’s definitely cool. It’s good for anybody who can benefit from that nickname, but at the same time I have a career ahead of me, a game ahead of me, a turn at bat ahead of me, and that’s what I try to focus on, on the present.”

But Laureano’s humble reply doesn’t overshadow what he has been able to accomplish on the field.

His throws, which have traveled hundreds of feet on the fly, result in incredible, jaw-dropping plays that are SportsCenter Top 10 worthy.

But it's not so much the distance he can throw that is so impressive, but also the accuracy and swagger of it all that stuns fans each and every time.

While the name is perfectly fitting for Laureano's bullet of an arm, it all started with one man who knows a thing or two about throwing a baseball.

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Laureano credited former A's pitcher and current NBC Sports California A's analyst Dallas Braden for originating the nickname.

No surprise there.

And just like the balls he throws, Laureano is ready to take himself far in baseball.