'Rambassador' Eric Dickerson vows to take fans' logo beef to Rams brass

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As part of the anticipated grand opening of their Inglewood palace this fall, the Los Angeles Rams revealed a new logo on Monday.

It did not go over well.

Fans ridiculed the logo for myriad reasons with many claiming it would be better suited for their soon-to-be fellow tenant, the Los Angeles Chargers.

As if to confirm the logo was indeed not theirs, the Chargers released their own new logo on Tuesday. Yahoo Sports readers overwhelmingly preferred the new Chargers design.

Eric Dickerson’s on the case

But don’t worry, Rams fans. Eric Dickerson has heard your complaints. And he’s taking them to the top in his self-proclaimed role as “Rambassador.”

“Rambassador” isn’t the formal job title of the Hall of Fame running back who was named All-Pro four times as a member of the Rams.

But he does have an official capacity with the team. He’s the Rams’ vice president of business development.

Eric Dickerson is a man of the people. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
Eric Dickerson is a man of the people. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

So what’s happening here is that a team executive is piling on the Rams’ new logo while implying that he can convince other executives to make the switch to Twitter-sourced fan art.

Can he sway the Rams?

The Rams’ response on Tuesday to being mercilessly mocked was to release a graphic demonstrating how much work and thought went into the secondary logo that is almost universally ridiculed.

This does not indicate that the Rams have any interest in bailing on a logo they ostensibly spent a considerable amount of money and time designing.

But fans now have the “Rambassador” on their side. Can team brass be swayed?

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