Rajon Rondo: ‘I will never play for the Miami Heat’

Hey, Rajon Rondo — sorry to interrupt you at your summer basketball camp in Kentucky, but I just have a quick question. Will you ever play for the Miami Heat?

Oh, OK. Cool. I was just wondering.

I mean, I know loyalty is a big deal to you and that you weren't cool with Ray Allen after he left for Miami. And that you've accused the Heat of "crying to referees" in the past, and that you don't have the best history with Dwyane Wade, and that you've had some big postseason battles with the Heat. I get that.

But still, I mean, you're only 27 years old, and you've got two years left on your contract, and (as you well know) surprising trades to in-conference opponents sometimes happen. The future can be difficult to foresee — who knows what the rest of your NBA career will bring? Are you sure you want to go on the record as saying you'll never suit up for one of the 30 prospective employers in the top league in your chosen profession (not to mention one of the best-run among those 30)?

Oh, OK. Cool. I was just wondering. Thanks!

Hat-tip to NESN.