Rajon Rondo jumps on top of a box, is very athletic (VIDEO)

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo receives deserved attention for his creativity and craftiness on offense. Whereas most point guards without quality jumpers struggle when defenders play off them, Rondo uses that strategy to his advantage and creates passing and driving lanes where they didn't seem to exist. It's an intelligent and very different way to look at the sport, one that marks Rondo as a unique talent.

He's so different, though, that sometimes we overlook how his elite athleticism allows him to play as well as he does. Thankfully, the video above serves as a simple illustration of Rondo's amazing natural gifts. During a recent training session, Rondo took a one-step leap on top of a very, very high plyometric box that seems to come up to his shoulders. It's a ridiculous feat, to say the least.

As a comparison, consider how high you could get in a similar exercise. My personal estimate is about one foot, which might be a little optimistic.

Video via SLAM

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