Rajon Rondo and Brandon Jennings are rehabilitating

Boston guard Rajon Rondo(notes) will be out for another three weeks or so with an ankle sprain. Milwaukee Bucks point man Brandon Jennings(notes) will have to sit for another month, at least, after undergoing surgery on his broken left foot. And because we all cope in different ways, both guards are coping in different, uh, ways.

Via both of their Twitter accounts, here's Rondo's (it should be noted, absolutely fine) rehabilitation:

This is completely awesome, in every conceivable sense outside of the fact that Rajon Rondo has to be out for another few weeks.

Playing a sit-down racing video game, in what appears to be your solarium, with your ankle elevated (apparently his car has an automatic transmission) and amongst framed pictures of yourself? Nicely worked, my friend.

And then there's Jennings, who also has his broken left foot elevated:

This is the sort of television set-up that would have me knocking out a Behind the Box Score in 30 minutes, flat. Three TVs, all tuned to League Pass? You wouldn't need a #LeaguePassAlert hashtag with this living room. You'd just need a straw. And, apparently, fuzzy socks. Once again, nicely played, young Buck.

Get well soon, the both of ya's.

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